Terk : Outdoor TV Antennas : TV55


Indoor/Outdoor Amplified TV Antenna

  • Compact design with the performance of a larger antenna

  • Dual-mode amplifier allows a choice of best gain setting for optimum reception
  • Amplifier is impedance matched for best HDTV performance
  • Ultra-durable, weatherproof housing
Impedance    Output Impedance: 75ohms
Power Source    Power Supply: 9V DC 100mA, UL Listed
Included Accessories    Accessories Included: Power injector, (2) Sill mounting brackets, Mast mounting bracket. Flat coax cable, Instruction manual
Overall Dimensions (mm/in, HxWxD)    Dimensions: 46" W x 3.50" H x 2.25" D
Operating Bandwidth    Operating Bandwidth: VHF: Channels 2-13 (HDTV Optimized) UHF: Channels 14-69 (HDTV Compatible)
Amplifier Gain    Amplifier Gain: 12dB typical
CEA Color Code    CEA Color Code: Light Green