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Wireless A/V Entertainment Expansion System

  • Transmits video and audio sources to a TV in any room, through walls and floors

  • Provides full two-way remote control operation from anywhere in the home
  • Effective range of up to 150 feet
  • Works with TVs, satellite receivers, DVD players, and most other A/V components
  • Expands your entertainment system to more rooms in your home
  • Multiple mounting options
Power Source    Power Supply: 120VAC 60Hz/9VDB, 300mA adapter
Included Accessories    Accessories Included: LF30S transmitter, LF30S received, (2) A/V interconnects, (2) Power adapters, Coaxial cable, IR extender
Overall Dimensions (mm/in, HxWxD)    Dimensions: 4.5" W x 3" H x 4.5" D
Operating Bandwidth    Operating Bandwidth: 2.4GHz
Height and Antenna Extended    Height and Antenna Extended: 10.5"
Operating Frequencies    Operating Frequencies: A: 2.1414Ghz - B: 2.434Ghz - C: 2.45Ghz - D: 2.468Ghz