Terk : Benefits of using a TERK

TERK Technology & Design

The TERK Design Team is dedicated to integrating product performance with high-end aesthetics. But beauty is not only skin deep - every TERK product is manufactured with premium components and thoroughly tested to ensure both optimal performance and reliability.

  1. TERK antennas offer true multi-directional reception

    True multi-directional reception

    TERK introduced the first flat panel antenna on the market, and continued to innovate the field by being the first antenna to receive signals from 360° using patented technology, as opposed to bi-directional antennas that competitors offer and call multi-directional. This is great for virtually all TV viewers that have broadcast towers in several different directions from their house as it means no adjustment needed unlike other directional or rabbit ear antennas.

    Competitor's multi-directional reception-1
    Competitor's multi-directional reception-2
  2. TERK Antennas receive both UHF and VHF frequencies

    TERK antennas receive UHF and VHF frequencies

    Buy and watch with confidence that you will receive all of your favorite broadcast programming. TERK digital antennas receive broadcasts in both the UHF and VHF frequencies. This is a key benefit because with only a few exceptions every major market has VHF broadcasts and they are typically major networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox and PBS. Make sure you receive all your favorite programming by using a TERK digital antenna.

  3. TERK antennas use the highest quality components

    TERK's low-profile designs seamlessly blend with your home environment, while high quality components ensure years of optimal performance. Every TERK antenna exceeds quality and functionality standards of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). TERK puts superiority in, so you get superiority out.