Terk : Brand History

Brand History

The legacy of TERK premium antennas began in one of the most unlikely of places than one would have expected, from album cover graphic designer Neil Terk. Neil, a graduate of Philadelphia College of Art's industrial design program, began his career designing album covers for various rock and pop labels in the mid to late 1970's. From the success of his album designs, Neil was quickly asked to collaborate with and create corporate logos from such companies as Apple, Pepsi, and Playtex in the early 1980's. By his 30's Neil had quite the reputation in the graphic design community in New York.

Even though Neil was wildly successful in the commercial graphic designs of the 1970's/80's, he was still an industrial designer by nature, and he had one passion that he could just not resist — antennas. Neil was once quoted as saying "Most people don't realize what antennas can do — only antennas on the market are those dumb rabbit ears." Ever the designer, Neil set out to recreate what reception was supposed to look like in the modern home. Thus began Terk Technologies Corporation in 1985. During the late 80's and early 90's Terk Technologies Corporation introduced many FM and Television indoor/outdoor antennas that people would proudly display in the home, such as the Pi AM/FM antenna, just as Neil intended.

The move caught the attention of Hauppauge native company, Audiovox Corporation (now known as VOXX International). Knowing reception as a strong and viable category, VOXX kept their eye on Terk as a premium player in the consumer electronic world.