Terk : Brand History
Brand History


Since 1985, Terk has combined unbeatable performance with trend-setting style. Today, TERK's product line spans not only accessories such as antennas and cables, but also includes breakthrough wireless technologies, which enable connecting your digital world seamlessly-without wires, without hassles. We are pushing the limits of technology. New product solutions for HDTV, HDMI and HD Radio are available through TERK to better deliver the content consumers need and desire. Discover TERK, your premium accessories supplier for today and tomorrow. TERK accessories make consumer electronics come to life. They unleash a product's full potential, and simplify a consumer's experience. By combining today's consumer electronics with TERK accessories, all that's left for the consumer to do is to enjoy the show!.


The TERK design team is dedicated to integrating product performance with high-end aesthetics. But beauty is not only skin deep -every TERK product is manufactured with premium components and thoroughly tested to ensure both optimal performance and reliability. According to an independent study conducted by the CEA, consumers choose electronic accessories based primarily on quality, design, style and color. Because we understand consumer criteria and need, TERK products are always designed with an emphasis not only on these attributes, but also on ease-of-use and ease-of-install. They are simple to set up and seamlessly integrate into your favorites space-where you live, work and play. TERK has mastered the art of merging engineering and design to meet the needs of today's lifestyles.