Terk : Best Quality Signal

TERK Antennas Deliver the Best Quality Signal

With cable and satellite providers compressing more and more of their signals to save bandwidth on their networks you will lose premium HD quality using these avenues for your television content. Your television deserves better, give it the chance to shine in crystal clear uncompressed HDTV just like you want it to.

TERK Antenna Signal Quality

TERK Antenna Signal Quality

Television broadcasters send out their signal uncompressed directly to antenna users. What this means for you is that you will receive the best possible HDTV picture compared to compressed HD delivered by cable or satellite, and best of all you get it for FREE. TERK amplified antennas go one step further in delivering quality picture by cleaning the signals as they are received so that only the intended broadcast is amplified - not all the background noise that can be picked up by competitive antennas.

Cable TV Provider Signal Quality

Cable TV Signal Quality

Cable providers compress their data as it is sent over their coax lines, in doing so they deliver a watered down signal to their subscribers. This makes cable an unnecessary medium for you when all you want is what is broadcast freely over the air by broadcasters nationwide. Cable companies use the same signals send by TV broadcasters, however they compress it, send it from their offices to a cable box, and then force you to share the feed between multiple homes in a given area. Throughout this transition the signal loses more and more quality, meaning a bad quality HD picture for you.

Satellite TV Provider Signal Quality

Satellite TV Signal Quality

Just like Cable providers, Satellite signal providers also use the same source broadcast signals from TV broadcasters that can easily be picked up with a TERK antenna. The Satellite signal runs from a ground transmitter to a satellite then back down to your home in a very compressed format.